Welcome to Aspire Images!

My name is Michelle and I am both the owner of and photographer for Aspire Images. I have been shooting professionally since 2010, but I have loved pictures my whole life. I was that kid that never picked up the magazines to read the articles, I just wanted to see the images, the colors, and experience the stories told by pictures. So it only seemed natural to pursue something I was passionate about! And I couldn't be happier making a living doing what I love!

When it comes to photography I enjoy everything from weddings to nature photography to extreme sports. But I would have to say the thing I enjoy the most is working one on one with families, couples and children. For me, photography is about building relationships and telling the story of whomever I am photographing.

I strive to make sure each client's experience is built around them- their families, interests, hobbies, etc. My creative mind is always at work to ensure that each client receives a unique photo session that they will be proud of and can be confident is one of a kind. It is my focus on creative originality and personal service that sets my work apart from other photographers.

My goal is to make your experience as my client as comfortable and enjoyable as possible; to give you quality heirloom portraits that become part of your home and your life. I want the quality of your photos to be such that they last as long as the memories and stories they capture. I look forward to finding out how I can help your tell your story through pictures!


My studio is in Littleton, Colorado in unincorporated Jefferson County.  

However, I serve all of the Greater Denver area.