Newborn Portraiture FAQ

Q: When should I have my baby's newborn session done?

A: Typically done in the first 10 days of life, newborn shoots are  intended to capture the precious innocence of that new life. Within the first 10 days baby is still squishy and moldable and their face hasn't started changing yet. We try to get them in the studio before they learn they can stretch!


Q: How long does the session take?

A: Newborn sessions are more involved and take more time than other sessions (usually between 2 and 4 hours) because we are working on baby's schedule. This allows time for nursing, diaper changes and a relaxed setting to allow baby to settle in and sleep.


Q: What will the studio be like?

A: I have a small, in-home studio and I keep the studio VERY warm to keep baby comfortable - which means it is pretty toasty for the adults, so I recommend dressing accordingly.


Q: What if my baby poops/pees/spits up on your props/blankets/etc?

A: Don't worry! This is 100% normal and happens every session. It's the less glamorous part of being a newborn photographer, but it is a reality. I use all washable materials and expect to need to wash every item I use during a session.


Q: What can I do to make my session go smoothly?

A: I find that keeping baby awake for the 2-hours before the session and feeding immediately upon arrival is the best way to have them sleepy and ready to nod off so we can work. Also, please bring a pacifier/soother with you. It will be used only briefly and will not cause any nipple confusion issues for baby and is very helpful for the brief period that we will be working together. 


Q: Will mom/dad have their picture taken with baby?

A: YES! Relationship posing is key for this session! I love creating a family's beautiful first "family portraits", so Mom and Dad, come picture ready please! 


Q: What else should I bring?

A: A change of clothes for both mom and dad (it is not uncommon for one or both to get pooped/peed/spit up on). Plenty of diapers and wipes. And then anything that you may like to incorporate into your session - wedding rings, sentimental items such as handmade blankets, name plates/blocks, dad's uniform (military, police, fire, etc).